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Gateway to
Country Queensland

Welcome to High Country Hamlets

The perfect place to discover a country getaway in Queensland... an abundant microregion of historic townships, vast national parks, farmlands, forests and orchards linked by idyllic country roads. 

Sitting around 600 to 700 metres above the South East Queensland coastal plain we are high up on the Great Dividing Range,

just north of Toowoomba.


The microregion is often bathed in clouds and is famed for its very defined four seasons. 

Seasonal food crops grown by small artisanal producers are embraced by local chefs and restaurants.

A range of charming venues and accommodation options can be found here, far from the city pace - think wood fires in the evenings and long morning strolls by the lake or picnics with a view.


We would love you to join us, if even just for a weekend - it might just change your life forever. 

High Country Hamlets Gateway to Country Qld.jpeg


the air up here

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