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Von Katz Soaps & Gift Baskets

 Growing up in Switzerland I've learnt a lot about Herbs and natural Health from my Parents and Grandparents. For every ailment there was a tonic, tea or ointment we could use. I've also been a Remedial Massage Therapist for the last 10 years and my passion is in health! Your skin is the body's biggest organ. What you put on it will inevitably end up in your body as well. Love yourself from the inside and the outside!

Bring the benefits of natural, pure products, with no nasties to you skin & body, with Von Katz Soaps & Gift Baskets. We are so proud of our products, made right here in Highfields, Australia, to the highest quality and standards. We use only the purest of essential oils and ingredients. Try a bar of our famous soaps! I know you will love it!


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